Active Duty / Veteran 

We would like to thank, and continue to thank, those who are serving and have served our country.

For serving our country we would like to thank you by giving you a discount code.
 Please fill out the form to see you if qualify.

Am I Eligible?

 First Responder Accepted:
  Police, Federal LEO & Government Firefighters (including volunteer) EMT, EMS & Nurses Corrections/Detention Officers Dispatchers

 This list is not exhaustive. Generally speaking, if your job directly responds to the chain of events after a person dials 9-1-1, you will be accepted.

This doesn’t include cleanup crews such as tow truck drivers, line repairmen, etc..

 Military Accepted

 Active Duty Servicemembers
 Honorably Discharged Veterans
 Immediate family of above (Spouse/Child)

 For acceptance, service must be for one of the following nations: U.S., Canada, U.K. & Australia

 Not Accepted

 Non-Dependent Relatives (grandchild, cousin, etc.)