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Custom Hats: Amplify Your Brand

Elevate your brand with our custom hats that are designed to make a powerful statement. At East Coast Waterfowl, we understand the importance of creating a lasting impression, and our custom hats are the perfect vehicle to do just that. Whether you're looking to promote your business, showcase your team spirit, or simply express your personal style, our custom hats offer a unique and impactful way to amplify your brand.

Grey and black trucker hat

Solid 112

Camouflage trucker hat

Camo 112

Hat with rope around base of brim


7 panel hat

7 Panel

Hat with Patch Leather or Color Patch Pricing (Cost Per Hat)

TypeSingleQuantity 6Quantity 12Quantity 24Quantity 48Quantity 72
Solid 112
Camo 112
7 Panel

Hat Embroidery Pricing (Cost Per Hat)

TypeSingleQuantity 6Quantity 12Quantity 24Quantity 48Quantity 72
Solid 112
Camo 112
7 Panel
Table of patch size, color, and shapes


Personalized Shirts for Your Brand’s Success

Our personalized shirts are a statement of your brand's identity. From custom graphics and logos to carefully chosen colors and styles, we work closely with you to ensure that your brand's story is told through every thread. Whether you're looking to create a cohesive uniform for your team, raise brand awareness at an event, or simply want to make a shirt you’ll love, our personalized shirts are the perfect solution.

If you don't see what you are looking for we can get whatever you want.

White Gildan t-shirt

(with or without pocket))

White Bella Canvas T-shirt

Bella Canvas and Next Level
 (without pocket)

White Comfort Colors t-shirt

Comfort Colors 6030

(with or without pocket)
Bella Canvas and Next Level
(no pocket)
Comfort Colors 6030
XS-XL | $13.25XS-XL | $13.75XS-XL | $17.50
XXL | $15.75XXL | $15.50XXL | $19.50
XXXL | $17.50XXXL | $17.50XXXL | $21.50

*Pricing includes up to 4 print colors, additional colors may be extra. If you want a pocketed shirt it is an additional $1 per shirt.


Make Your Mark: Custom Decals that Leave a Lasting Impression!

Our custom decals provide a creative outlet for branding. Whether you're an individual looking to showcase your unique style or a business aiming to increase brand visibility, our decals are designed to captivate attention and make a statement. From logos and slogans to intricate designs and artwork, we can bring your vision to reality. Our decals are easy to apply and are made to withstand the test of time, ensuring that your mark remains intact and leaves a lasting impression.

Our decals are quite versatile in color options. If you're interested in single-color decals, we can cater to nearly any color choice you desire. As for multi-color decals, their pricing varies depending on size and quantity. Each decal's price can fall anywhere between $2 to $6 per decal, contingent on these factors.

Example of decal with bird dog and text

4" Tall 8" Long

Example decal of cursive text

8" Tall 15" Long

Minimum Detail0-5050-250250-500
4" Tall - 8" Long$2$1.50$1
8" Tall - 15" Long$3$2.50$2
Maximum Detail0-5050-250250-500
4" Tall - 8" Long$4$3.50$3
8" Tall - 15" Long$6$5.50$5


We offer a variety of glassware that combines both utility and design for your drinking pleasure. For those who enjoy a good old whiskey, our 10.5 oz whiskey glasses are embellished with two logos, adding a touch of elegance to your drink.  

For beer enthusiasts or those who prefer mixed drinks, our 16 oz pint mixing glass is a perfect choice. These too are adorned with two logos, and are sold in pairs, making them a great value.

Lastly, for the wine connoisseurs, we offer 10.5 oz wine mixing glasses. These glasses allow for easy mixing and the perfect sip of your favorite wine. These also come in sets of two.

Enjoy your beverages with style and comfort with our exclusive glassware collection.

  • Whiskey Glasses 10.5ox with 2 logos 
    2 for $10
  • 16 oz Pint mixing glasses with 2 logos.
    2 for $10
  • 10.5 oz Wine mixing glasses.
    2 for $12
Whiskey glasses etched with ECW logo and duckBeer glasses with ECW logo and duck etchedWine glass


We offer Koozies TEXT  

  • Whiskey Glasses 10.5ox with 2 logos 
    2 for $10
  • 16 oz Pint mixing glasses with 2 logos.
    2 for $10
  • 10.5 oz Wine mixing glasses.
    2 for $12


Enhance your drinking experience while preserving your furniture with our selection of coasters.

For those who appreciate a touch of sophistication, we offer high-quality leather coasters. Adorned with a unique design, these coasters not only protect your surfaces but also serve as a statement piece, adding a dash of elegance to your setting.

Alternatively, for a more eco-friendly option, consider our cork coasters. Naturally absorbent and aesthetically pleasing, cork coasters effortlessly blend functionality with style, offering an understated charm to your tabletop.

Whether you're entertaining guests or simply enjoying a beverage on your own, our leather and cork coasters ensure that every sip is savored without the worry of unsightly rings or spills. Embrace the comfort and refinement that comes with our carefully crafted coasters.

  • 4x4 Leather coaster with one design on the top:
    $12 per 6 pack
    $8 per 4 pack
  • 4" round cork Coaster
    $5 per 6 pack
    $4 per 4 pack
Square drink coasters with ECW logo and duckRound drink coasters with ECW logo and duck

Bottle Openers

Unlock your refreshment with ease and style using our selection of bottle openers. With dimensions of 1.5" in width and 7" in length, these openers are designed to provide a comfortable grip and easy leverage, making them a breeze to use.

Expertly crafted to be both practical and aesthetically pleasing, these bottle openers are perfect for any occasion, from casual get-togethers to more formal gatherings. Their compact size allows for easy storage or transport, making them an ideal addition to any kitchen, bar, or even on-the-go events.

Whether you're popping open a refreshing beer or a specialty soda, our bottle openers ensure a seamless experience from the first twist to the last sip. Enjoy the combination of convenience and style offered by our meticulously designed bottle openers.

  • $3 per Item 1.5" wide 7" Long
Bottle openers with bird dog and East Coast Waterfowl

Reviews Of Our Work

A Seamless and Tailored Experience for B2B Buyers

John Parker

I am absolutely thrilled with my experience using East Coast Waterfowl's B2B landing page. As the manager of a small chain of hunting and outdoor stores, I've interacted with many wholesalers over the years, and I must say, East Coast Waterfowl stands out!

From hats to shirts, decals to drinkware, coasters and bottle openers - all were presented clearly with high-quality images and detailed descriptions that made it easy for me to make informed decisions for my business.

One feature that I particularly appreciated was the customization options available. Being able to tailor products to fit our unique branding helped us to create a strong visual appeal on our shelves. The intuitive design of the customizer, as well as the ability to view a live mock-up of the product, allowed us to experiment with designs without any surprises when we received the final product.

A One-Stop Shop for Custom Merchandise

Sarah Mitchell

Ordering was straightforward and efficient, with a clear breakdown of bulk pricing, shipping estimates, and estimated delivery times. The transparency provided was refreshing and made it easy for us to plan inventory management.

The quality of the products received was absolutely top-notch. The shirts and hats were made with durable material and held up well to wear, while the decals were vibrant and eye-catching. The drinkware, coasters, and bottle openers were also well-received by our customers, often sparking conversations at the register.

The customer service was second to none. The support team was responsive, knowledgeable, and took the time to understand and solve our concerns. Overall, East Coast Waterfowl's B2B landing page is a testament to their commitment to a streamlined and efficient buying experience. I highly recommend it for any business seeking high-quality, custom wildlife-themed products. Five stars all the way!

Exceptional B2B Experience with East Coast Waterfowl

Liam Taylor

Navigating through East Coast Waterfowl's B2B landing page has been a revelation. It's easy to use, well-designed, and comprehensive, showcasing their range of customizable merchandise superbly.

I love the transparent pricing and accurate delivery estimates which simplifies our purchasing process. The custom products - from hats to drinkware - are always top-notch, matching our specifications perfectly.

Moreover, their customer service team is quick to respond and extremely helpful. A commendable 5-star experience - would definitely recommend!