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GP Calls - Tru-Grit - Mallard Green

GP Calls - Tru-Grit - Mallard Green

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"Grit Pack Calls was born out of our guide service Carr"s Waterfowl Company. CWC is one of the largest waterfowl outfits in the U.S. The men and women that made that happen are known as the Grit Pack. Waterfowling to us is not a passion, its not our job, its not our hobby, its our life, we live it and breath it everyday, and it rages through our veins and pours into our soul. This is what brings our calls to life and we will not quit till we put the best duck or goose call in your hands."


"The True-Grit lives up to its name by being that day in and day out work horse of a call. It is our everyday call. We designed it to have a lot of range through the tone scale. You can get loud without sacraficing the low end sounds needed to close the deal right into the kill hole. With the True-Grit you can do it all; nasty Cajun squeals, bouncing hens, hard or soft comebacks, with our custom made sound board the True-Grit™ caller can switch gears from those low raspy notes to that trashy nasally whine without missing a beat! The Tru-Grit is a very user friendly single reed as easy as a double reed!"

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