About ECW

East Coast Waterfowl was started November 14th, 2013 in Willow Springs which is a small town located in Central North Carolina. I am the owner Kent Jones. On November 14th I started a Instagram page that day to share my friends and I waterfowl hunting photos. In the first year of running the Instagram page I gained over 10k followers! I absolutely live for waterfowl hunting! I really enjoyed sharing everyone’s pictures! In the first year I added my first 10 pro-staff members. They were the ones I always hunted with and shared the passion with! We love giving back to the ducks just as much as we love hunting ducks!
In that first year I came up with a logo and started making hats and shirts for my family and friends to wear. I never thought that it would be anything bigger than just friends and family! I started wearing my hats and shirts in the pictures I was posting. Once people started noticing the hats some of the followers wanted to buy them. I started taking orders by email. About 2 months later I made a cheap website so people could shop online! That’s when business started taking off!
The second year I came out with a few different colors and designs on hats and shirts! I was helping my grandpa clean out his old junk in his house and noticed a old hat with a wood duck getting up on it. I sent a picture of it to my embroidery company and told them I needed it on a hat! A month later I came out with the Woodie Snap Back! I then started making all types of duck hats and duck patches with all sorts of scenes! Now I have over 40 different styles of hats.
Throughout this time my social media started to grow, and I wanted to give back to the ducks and geese.The pro-staff and I decided to have a clean up day at our local public hunting grounds! We cleaned up trash from hunters and put up new wood duck boxes for the local birds! Now we try and have a clean up day every year at a public area where lots of people hunt. We encourage others not to just kill, but also to give back to the ducks!!
My social media content shows real hunters, regular joes, and professionals killing ducks and geese! Throughout duck season I have 1000’s of people send me pictures on Instagram with their hunts! I try and share most of them, but I am unable to post all of them. I post pictures of hunters that get out there and put in the effort! I post a wide range of pictures, either 1 duck or a 10 man limit of ducks! I want to show that the East Coast Kills ducks. It may not be as good as the Mississippi Flyway but we do with what we have! I also want to show that it's not always about killing ducks, its about getting outdoors and hanging out with good friends.
East Coast Waterfowl strives for people to have a good time duck hunting and have apparel that helps you look good doing it!

Kent Jones- Owner of East Coast Waterfowl  

Kent Jones - owner of East Coast WaterfowlI grew up in a small town called Willow Springs. It is located in central North Carolina south of Raleigh. I started duck hunting at the age of 10 my dad would carry me once or twice a year, most of the time he would carry me deer hunting. I always looked forward to duck hunting more than anything. It took me two years to kill my first duck. I killed a drake wood duck and from then on I was hooked on it. My dad took me all the way up till I could drive.

Once I could drive that is mostly what I did all the time, every chance I could get in the swamp I would be right there. My family came from a farming background and we owned right much land and it had plenty of swamps and ponds to kill ducks in. As time we went on I started to hunt with the same group of guys and we wanted to try out the coast. To say the least we were disappointed but when it was good it was awesome, but that’s the way hunting goes. Enjoy the times you have!

It was November of 2013 and I wanted to make a name for the group of guys that I hunt with and I wanted to make it broad not just North Carolina based. I came up with East Coast Waterfowl. I started an Instagram page and started posting our pictures and also other people’s pictures. It blew up a whole lot faster than I have ever imagined! I am happy to own a company like this. I have made countless new friends and met some inspirational people along the way. I am Prostaff for Adrenal Line LLC. I can’t wait to see what is to come in the future!