Sting Ray Industries LED HEADLAMP

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Sting Ray Industries LED HEADLAMP

The SRI LED Headlamp is our top selling product within the hunting and fishing industry. Hands-free and directional lighting is crucial for dark environments.  After spending years going through multiple headlamps per season, we finally decided to offer a product that can withstand the harsh operating conditions of the SRI™ Team. The SRI Headlam is powered by two 18650 button-top rechargeable batteries, allowing the light to produce an outstanding 1,800 raw lumens. With an adjustable headpiece, 3 different modes (high, medium, strobe), and an IP67 waterproof rating, the headlamp gives you the Stingray power hands free! Currently, the SRI Headlamp is used in over 100 different industries ranging from linemen, construction workers, hunters, and veterinary clinics across the US.