East Coast Waterfowl at it's core is a group of us who have grown a love for the Sport of Waterfowl Hunting. We have quickly grown into a larger community through online resources such as Instagram with over 111K followers.  We enjoy sharing outdoor moments with our larger community.  We hope you will consider following along and adding some East Coast Waterfowl apparel to your closet! @eastcoastwaterfowl   

Get to know our Pro Staff below!



Kent Jones- Owner of East Coast Waterfowl 

I grew up in a small town called Willow Springs. It is located in central North Carolina south of Raleigh. I started duck hunting at the age of 10 my dad would carry me once or twice a year, most of the time he would carry me deer hunting. I always looked forward to duck hunting more than anything. It took me two years to kill my first duck. I killed a drake wood duck and from then on I was hooked on it. My dad took me all the way up till I could drive.

Once I could drive that is mostly what I did all the time, every chance I could get in the swamp I would be right there. My family came from a farming background and we owned right much land and it had plenty of swamps and ponds to kill ducks in. As time we went on I started to hunt with the same group of guys and we wanted to try out the coast. To say the least we were disappointed but when it was good it was awesome, but that’s the way hunting goes. Enjoy the times you have!

It was November of 2013 and I wanted to make a name for the group of guys that I hunt with and I wanted to make it broad not just North Carolina based. I came up with East Coast Waterfowl. I started an Instagram page and started posting our pictures and also other people’s pictures. It blew up a whole lot faster than I have ever imagined! I am happy to own a company like this. I have made countless new friends and met some inspirational people along the way. I am Prostaff for Adrenal Line LLC. I can’t wait to see what is to come in the future! 


Jonathan Weeks

Jonathan Weeks, 23, graduated from NC State with a bachelors degree in agriculture science, currently working with Agritechnologies where I am a crop consultant and researcher. Love all hunting and outdoors activities. I started deer hunting at 8 years old with my dad, eventually joined a hunting club at 10 years old that had prime eastern NC duck hunting holes on the black river, hunting there I got into duck hunting hard, going on youth hunts where I would kill my first Pintail, and as I got older I started hunting the coast occasionally. I also enjoy deer hunting just as much, and bass fishing as well. And nothing gets better than dog hunting for deer with your buddies but that goes for any hunting or fishing, as long as it's with your buddies.


Will Jones

Will Jones, I am 20 years old. I live in Clayton, North Carolina. I have lived in this area all of my life, and have been hunting around this area that long as well! I also have hunted most of eastern North Carolina for deer and ducks. I enjoy going into a swamp a few decoys out and going to town on the birds. I have been all over the United States hunting big game, small game, and waterfowl. I have also been to Africa to kill many different trophies. I enjoy hunting for mallards, woodies, teal, geese, and just listening to those wings whistle through the trees gets my blood pumping more than anything. Spending time with good friends is what it’s all about even if the hunt isn’t great, it’s good to be with your buddies in the woods to share that passion with.


Tommy Boy

My name is Tommy Stephenson, I am 21 and currently a student at NC State University in the Ag and Environmental Technology program. I’m from Willow Springs, North Carolina. I started hunting with my Dad when I was six years old but never really started seriously hunting until I turned 10. I love to deer hunt, that’s what I started out doing in a club in Scotland Neck, NC. I killed my first mountable deer in 2013 and it scored around 112 gross. As far as duck hunting I enjoy going with my friends around the house and in Scotland Neck once deer season is over. I love to shoot wood ducks and in my opinion they are the prettiest duck we have in this area. I also enjoy swan hunting every year. It is something my family started doing a few years ago and now we have big groups every year and we normally tag out. Besides hunting I enjoy farming and fishing and I am also the flagman at our local racetrack. Jeff Gordon is my man and that’s why they call me Tommy Boy 24.

hunter-miller.pngHunter Miller

Hunter Miller, 22, I live in Willow Springs North Carolina. I've had a passion for the outdoors since a young age. I was raised on Hilltop Farms and spent most my time outside. I took a particular liking to waterfowl hunting and all aspects of it, from calling to training a duck dog. I'm the proud owner of the ECW duck dog a Drake. Nothing is more satisfying to me than watching my dog make a retrieve and having him by my side on all those early mornings.

Phillip Howard

My name is Phillip Howard; I am a 22 year old senior in the Criminology program at North Carolina State University. I am the current President of NCSU’s Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) chapter as well as an avid member of both of our National Wildlife Turkey Federation (NWTF) and Ducks Unlimited (DU) chapters. Throughout my childhood and teenage years, both hunting and fishing grew into much more than just hobbies that I would casually partake in on the weekends; they became lifestyles in which I am very passionate about. Deer hunting was my first love and it began at an abandoned rock quarry when I killed my first deer next to my dad at the age of 7. From there, my addiction sky rocketed and I began hunting and fishing various game seasonally. It wasn’t until late high school when I met Kent as well as most of the other Pro Staff guys that I was reinstated with one of the most important and meaningful aspects of hunting; the bonds, friendships and memories that come with the experience. With that said - have fun, make memories and be safe *Exits to the Hunger Games Whistle*

 Will Hartman

Will Hartman I am from Fuquay-Varina, started hunting when I was 13, and I am currently 22. I hunt mostly in Beaufort County on the Pamlico. Enjoy hunting all kinds of game, big and small. Love hunting diver ducks, love the speed and fast pace of seaducks. Anytime outdoors is a good time!

Travis Jones

Travis Jones, I am 17, I came from a small town outside of Raleigh North Carolina called Willow Spring. I started duck hunting when I was 8 years old. I enjoy everything about the outdoors like being with great friends and having a good time on the farm, I was born and raised being outside and have always enjoyed it. My family owns a couple of farms in my hometown that has some swamps and creeks on the land and I’ve always hunted on these swamps my whole life and they’ve seemed to produce a good amount of quality ducks. My biggest accomplishment I’ve had hunting would be going on a guided trip to Ocrakoke with my brother Kent Jones (owner of ECW) and killing my first bull pintail, redhead, and red breasted merganser. I enjoy being out in the swamps with your good buddies on those cold rainy mornings and just being in the outdoors enjoying the lifestyle of killing ducks.

Charlie Barrett

I’m originally from Athens, Georgia, when I was still at a young age I moved to Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina. I still travel back to Georgia, where most of my family lives, to hunt deer, turkey, and all of your typical small game. I didn’t start duck hunting till I was seventeen to eighteen, which I can thank Hunter Miller and Kent Jones for helping me get so dedicated to ducks. Another family friend Mike Verian, who is the, “father figure of duck hunting” to me because he taught me how to be an honest hunter. Although, I’m still your typical duck hunter, spending too much time and money for ducks, filled my waders up countless time, dropped a few phones in the water, worked all morning to have a bad hunt, and a few cold nights on the shoreline. I love hunting all types of waters, lakes, rivers, swamps, farm ponds and coastal waters! I’ve hunted places in Georgia including Clark hill and Oconee lake and river, as well as in North Carolina at Jordan lake, Harris Lake. Just being outdoors with my crew is worth it every time!

Joshua Moore

Most might call it an obsession but hunting is definitely my passion. My name is Joshua Moore and I am 23 years old. I fell in love with hunting at an early age, growing up going with my dad and granddad every chance I could. I love deer and duck hunting, but nothing is like sitting in the woods as everything comes alive in the morning and hearing a big Longbeard gobbling on the roost. I am a hard working farmer and a freelance photographer/videographer trying to make a name for myself in the hunting industry, I film for numerous shows on outdoor and sportsman channel and my goal is to one day be more on the other side of the camera!

Kyle Brackett

Born in Currituck North Carolina. Been hunting for 10 years now up and down East Coast killing everything from divers to puddle ducks to geese and swans. I Guide part time in Currituck. But mostly enjoy bringing friends along. Nothing like getting someone there first duck. I got my first band two years ago on a wood duck.

Allen Lambert Jr.

Age: 24

Hometown: Goldsboro, NC

Well guys, my name is Allen Lambert and I'm from Goldsboro, NC. I graduated from UNC Wilmington in 2014 where I majored in political science and psychology with the intentions of heading to law school...but then I came to my senses. I now live in Morehead City where I'm training to own Cape Point Baits Inc (if you do any sort of saltwater fishing using frozen bait, chances are you're buying our product). So I guess you can call me the master baiter (is that inappropriate?). My first time duck hunting was way back when my granddad took me when I was 6 or 7 years old in Princeton, NC. Soon after, Pop lost the taste for blood so I never picked it back up until late in my senior year of high school. Since then I've caught the bug and have been lucky enough to be able to work in between duck hunts. I reckon I joined the team after Kent moved down to MHC for BLET where we became hunting buddies through ECW. Nowadays I spend the majority of my free time training ECW's newest duck dog, my pride and joy, Beaufort "Banks." It's such a blessing to be able to watch a Carolina sunrise over the marsh and if you're able to knock down a few ducks that's just icing on the cake. Cold mornings, cupped up divers, and great friends...that's what's it's all about!

Justin Cox

Age: 31

I am  from a little town in North Carolina called willow springs. I have been hunting since the age of 10 and went on my first waterfowl hunt at the age of 16. I went on a hunt with my dad and some of his friends close to lake Benson and watched one of my dads friends work and call mallard after mallard in this little slough. I was amazed to what I was seeing and didn't even realize how special of a hunt this was, I told my self I have to learn how to do this it was truly an art. Ever since then waterfowl hunting has been a way of life for me , from picking up my first duck call and watching video after video on how to use one and listening to all the local old timers on what to do and not to do. Now days they let me do the calling and call the shots it is truly an honor. I hunt from here to coast 3 to 4 times a week during the season and I have My NC hunt and fish guides license , and metKent and Travis a few years ago and started taking them hunting every year since then. I have the utmost respect for them because they remind of my self and the love of this sport.